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Now that several Republicans in Congress, led b...
Added: February 07, 2008
Now that several Republicans in Congress, led by Jim DeMint, are moving on having Federal funding removed, the libtards in Berkeley are using children as human shields to try to shame those Congressional leaders into not pulling Federal funding because some of that funding helps provide school lunches.

Well here's what I say to that. YOU, BERKELEY, are the ones hurting the children by what you are doing in trying to run the Marines out of town. It is YOU who have brought this on. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Did you REALLY think allowing Code Pink to violate the civil rights of citizens interested in VOLUNTEERING for the Marine Corps would just be allowed to stand? You are messing with the wrong people!

Go Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward! You guys rock and you make us all proud.

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