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VOTE !!! for our St Louis Childrens Hospital once a day! every day!

Hey Noble's.....go down to the bottom left side of this page under Masonic Links and click on the Colgate link @ the bottom, then click on the Missouri State, and then select St Louis Hospital for Children, fill out the security code in the box,and then hit vote, you have then voted for our Hospital to receive two fun centers donated to our Hospital, tell all your friends and relatives to vote, also you need not be a Shriner To VOTE!!! can vote once a day, every day, untill March 31st.
If any Noble needs help with this call me and I'll guide you through it.....But VOTE !!! and get everyone else to vote with us...........Ron........

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Hey Noble's.........we have around ten days left to vote, that's ten more for each of us, be sure to ask your friends and family to vote all so, they need not be a Shriner to vote, they just need to log on and vote, once a day every day........


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